Collect all the TP each day and throw it in the bin before everyone is infected. Don't bump into any sick people and rack up points by completing each day with as many healthy people as possible.

Based on the GameJam version made in one weekend by solo developer Daniel Toillion for the 2020 Quarantine Game Jam.

Welcome to TAPS, the totally accurate pandemic simulator. There is a lot of people in the street and the infection is spreading. The only thing that can save us is precious, precious toilet paper. 


  • Collect all the toilet paper each day  before everyone is infected.
  • Survive for 10 days to win.
  • Survive as long as you can!


  • WASD or ARROW KEYS = Move
  • SPACE = Pickup / Throw
  • ESCAPE= Pause Menu


  • Collect toilet paper and throw it in the blue bin with space bar.
  • Avoid Infected people (Green).
  • Move fast, collect all the toilet paper before everyone is infected. 

Install instructions

  • Browser: Click "Run Game" button on this page
  • Windows: Extract zip and run the .exe file
  • Linux: Extract .zip and then run .x86_64 file 

*Make sure you extract the zip before running the game


Download 44 MB
Download 46 MB

Development log


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day 5

Thanks for playing! May I ask how you found the game?

it was a free in browser  game, which is the only kind my laptop can handle.

Watch Quarantine Jam Playing Games Live! from SirAeron on


This was actually quite cool! The throwing feels great! The music is funky! Game #5 in this video: